V-Twin Supersport

Drawn by the wind


This sports car combines the sophistication and elegance typical of the brand with a markedly sporty DNA that is combined with an evocative name: V-Twin Supersport

Using lines and shapes that have always characterized the brand’s sports bikes, the one-piece body includes the tank and tail and extends towards the fairing, with the tank narrowing at the height of the seat, leaving the single shock absorber clearly visible.

This recalls in a modern key the stylistic themes dear to the firm, which are found in the Supertwin 1100, MGS/01 and Sport Monza, the latter being an icon of style and, still today, an inspiring muse and point of reference for Ghezzi-Brian design.

The dynamic stylistic language is found on the sides, with the tank that seems to be sculpted by hand and where the air ducts to the heads stand out with the scratches integrated into the bodywork, which accentuate the lines and the character of the concept, for a modern line, aggressive and muscular; a line drawn by the wind!

The stylistic features of the brand are recognizable in the fairing: under the G-B logo we find a black mask that frames the characteristic polyellipsoidal headlights, a stylistic element that has become a distinctive feature of the G-B bikes.

Numerous details enrich the bike: the LED indicators integrated in the front air ducts, the rear ones inserted in two fins that recall the prism design of the exhaust mufflers, the air intakes on the bellypan and tail, the glossy carbon fiber components, the racing-style digital instrumentation, the rearsets in ergal.

Performance is the bike’s strong point; together with the aesthetics, the primary choice was that of weight reduction.

Each Ghezzi-Brian model is therefore a promise of extraordinary performance, fascinating driving pleasure and quality down to the last detail.


As always with Ghezzi-Brian, nothing has been left out to give it outstanding, uncompromising performance thanks to engine and chassis modifications and giving it performances riders would have never dared to dream of.

V-Twin Supersport is available also as kit, easy to fit on your own bike, thanks to our plug-and-play system

  • fairing
  • windscreen
  • bodywork
  • front and rear sub-frame
  • front lights
  • aluminium gasoline tank and pump
  • fiberglass belly pan
  • digital dashboard
  • plateholder
  • carbon fiber mirror set
  • muffler brackets
  • rear and plate lights

Moto Guzzi V11, 1100 Sport, Daytona, Centauro transformation kits can be mounted without any modification to the original bike. They are easy to assemble and, in case, you can return your bike to the original configuration. The kit’s components can also be sold separately; for more info, please click here.

Ghezzi Brian
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