Eloping with your bike

Quiet and silent, ready to unleash when you hit the gas.

With the classic V-Twin engine and its futuristic design leaning forward and eager to run, Fionda represents a bridge between the great tradition and the future. A street fighter that gives great feelings thanks to her personality and the mysterious charm of a powerful and full-bodied motorbike.
The mechanical high technology and the cutting-edge design are the basis of its aesthetics, offering different options for the fairing, the tail, the wheels and the exhaust system.

Based on V11 frame, it has a sporty yet not extreme set-up and new chassis measures providing great handling and a sincere riding feeling: an agile motorbike to tackle twists and turns.
Fionda, a first sight love, with its timeless charm and character.

Reserved for bikers who can tame its aggressivity, for those looking for intense emotions and appreciating the freedom feeling that only few motorbikes can give.

And Fionda can.

Fionda is available also as kit, easy to fit on your own bike, thanks to our plug-and-play system

  • complete fairing
  • bodywork
  • one seat saddle
  • aluminium gasoline tank and pump
  • front and rear sub-frame
  • front lights
  • fiberglass belly pan
  • digital dashboard
  • carbon fiber mirrors set
  • muffler brackets
  • plate holder
  • rear and plate lights

Moto Guzzi V11, 1100 Sport, Daytona, Centauro and Griso transformation kits can be mounted without any modification to the original bike. They are easy to assemble and, in case, you can return your bike to the original configuration. The kit’s components can also be sold separately; for more info, please click here.

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