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Great feeling and drive precision, ultimate safety and no deflations: the spoke wheels revolution.







MV Agusta

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The rims are perfect for tubeless tyres: the new fine technology considers the spokes being fixed to the rim thanks to nipples parallel to the wheel axle, without any hole. In addition to this, Kineo wheels drastically decrease the weight of unsprung masses and consequently reduce the wheels moment of inertia. That makes the bike intuitive, agile and accurate on entering curves.

Kineo wheels are available for the latest models of the major brands:



The wheel Kineo , born as combination of the advantages of the solution -ray and the alloy

  • rigidity and flexibility, lightness and strength, reliability maintenance, price and quality
  • the rim is rigid in the center and more flexible on the sides to have a better handling for the bike and more feeling for the rider
  • the rim is not drilled because the spokes are fitted inside the rim on special sites. Thanks to this solution the tubeless system is definitely the same of an alloy wheel.
  • spokes do not need any registration or setting because of the special nipple system
  • the wheel is light, yet resistant to shocks and stress
  • best ratio between quality and price
  • best flexibility for the chromatic combinations
  • TUV homologation
  • no modifications required for installation

A very important novelty are the wheels designed for single-swingarm chain-driven bikes; their most peculiar characteristic is the exclusive asymmetric design with the nipple holders on one side, which gives these wheels a truly unique look.

Rims are produced from a billet, and using a new process which allows to use a 7000 alu. class, with its extraordinary features.

Final production stage goes through CNC finishing work.

Rims are with no holes at all and the assembly of spokes and nipples brings to an automatic alignment of same components referred to same rims; a natural balancing is so achieved simply by locking the single parts together with the rims.

Spokes are high resistance stainless steel ; 28 units for the front wheel; 32 units for the rear

one, and they are perfectly straight so to distribute the load in an ideal way.

Locking is done simply by using a classic Torx wrench. Possible replacement of one or more spokes is very easy and is done without removing the wheel from the bike and the tyre from the rim

Nipples design is main innovation of KINEO tubeless wheel.

These components are installed on the rim in a parallel position to wheel axle, with no need of any through hole on the rim.

Hubs are produced from a forged of 7000 alu class. The rough forged has a geometry which is very close to final configuration and this allows to spread the material fibers in their best way, for a very high resistance to stresses.

Final production stage goes through CNC finishing work.

The Kineo brake disc carrier allows the original braking system to be used. A series of two disc carriers for the front wheel and a single disc carrier for the rear wheel allow easy assembly of the original braking discs with no need to make additional modifications on the bike. When this equipment is installed, even the ABS system sensor can be assembled as originally designed.

The Maxi 17 and Big Enduro rear wheels are equipped with a specific 8 pins cushion drive which is completely external to the rear wheel hub. This feature is entirely indipendent of the wheel and has a double bearing to hold the radial charge induced by the chain shot. In this way the wheels needs only two bearing and maximizes mobility.

The rear drive transmission shocks are reduced by 8 silent-block. The Kineo cushion drive requires a specific

520-5525-530 size Kineo rear sprocket.

In the chain-driven bikes the rear sprocket is manufactured in 7075T6 material, 40 micron hard anodized.

Sprockets for Big Enduro wheels are available as 520 size, 38 t0 48 teeth.

Sprockets for Maxi 17 wheels are available as 520 size, 38 to 48 teeth, as 525 size, 38 to 48 teeth and as 530

size 43 to 45 teeth.

The wheels dedicated to motorcycle type HD or otherwise equipped with belt drive , have a hub ring – stellar .
It is envisaged the sale of universal wheels constructed to be applied to any motorcycle equipped with final drive of this type . To be useful , these wheels must be completed with the carrier disc carrier , the carrier pulley and the spacers external dedicated to this type of application.


Shiny black painted K

Mat black painted C
Mat gray painted Y
Mat white painted W
Shiny silver V
Mat gold painted G

Colori opzionali

fornibili su richiesta, previa verifica di fattibilità e sulla base dell’accettazione di un’offerta specifica. Indicare, possibilmente, un codice RAL o fornire un campione.


Mat black anodized C

Shiny black anodized K
Mat silver anodized S
Shiny silver V


Shiny red anodized R
Shiny blue anodized B
Shiny green anodized N
Shiny gold anodized G

Shiny magnesium anodized M
Shiny titanium anodized T
Shiny orange anodized O

Optional colours are available with an additional charge


Shiny black anodized K

Shiny silver anodized S
Shiny titanium anodized T
Shiny red anodized R
Shiny blue anodized B
Shiny green anodized N
Shiny gold anodized G
Shiny orange anodized O


Galvanized silver S


Galvanized black K
Galvanized black/silver A
Optional colours are available with an additional charge

tubeless valve in silver light alloy

tubeless valve in light alloy 90° silver
tubeless valve in light alloy 90° black
Optional 90° valves are available with an additional charge

Kineo wheels are designed to be installed on every kind of bike. For the unlisted models, it is possible to check the feasibility and to get a quotation. Kineo is 100% made in Italy and it is internationally patented (In-Motion property).


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