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Handcrafted and heart made bikes, built with an obsessive attention, high quality components and passion: this is Ghezzi-Brian.
V-Twin Motard is a sportbike with an innovative design, cutting-edge technology and a “sporty-motard” set-up based on Moto Guzzi 1200 8 valves mechanics. A sporting, unconventional and fun bike, both alone and when carrying a passenger. The cutting-edge technologies give their best thanks to the conceptual setting and the combination between sportbikes and supermotards.
V-Twin Motard is for those who want a sporty, versatile, easy-to-ride bike; these features are exalted by the overall technical characteristics of the bike, and like on every Ghezzi-Brian, they are perfectly combined with the pleasure of exclusivity.


The new Power Kit with improved ECU mapping brings about a relevant torque increase in the bike’s favourite ranges, between 3.000 and 6.000 rpm. The engine torque then becomes really great and, what is most, uniform. The “Power kit” also includes a bigger air-box, high-efficiency air filter and dedicated exhaust system, which looks really aggressive with its two titanium half-conical mufflers aggressively pointing upwards.


Dynamic Damping Action is a special device designed to dynamically control the shock-absorber hydraulic resistance. It is based on radically new concepts and technologies, quite different from those of present-day electronically pre-settable shock absorbers.
The system is made up of a shock absorber featuring a special valve for its hydraulic adjustment. The valve is electronically controlled by a control unit and can adjust the damping level up to 10.000 Newton in 10 milliseconds.
The SPS (Smart Position Sensor) system provides the control unit with accurate measurement of the shock absorber dynamic state at the incredible rate of 25.000 samples per second.
The user only has to select riding style and load on the bike through the control unit fixed to the handle-bar. When riding, the DDA system adjusts the shock-absorber response to road conditions automatically and in real-time. Each shock is processed according to oscillation speed, position and intensity.
These parameters are constantly monitored by the control unit, which processes damping values in real time and adjusts the valve setting accordingly. The shock absorber is able to change its status in only few milliseconds. The rider won’t even notice, since variation in the shock-absorber rigidity occurs at a speed beyond the human perception threshold. What the rider does perceive is a feeling of great security, comfort and riding pleasure, thanks to the perfect response to shocks in all situations and road condition.

The “Dynamic Damping System” has been developed together with Tractive Suspension, a Dutch company specializing in shock-absorbers. The Tractive Suspension team is made up of engineers with a wide and varied experience in the development of shock absorbers and automatic control systems. Tractive Suspension has been working for years in the racing field in categories such as MotoGP, GPMX, Enduro, Supermono and even Formula 1. Furthermore, Tractive Suspension designed the best-known device of such kind, “ESA I” and “ESA II” for BMW


These wheels are the ideal and technologically most refined complement to the general characteristics of the project, in terms of aesthetics, exclusivity, riding pleasure and safety. The forged aluminium Kineo spoked wheels are CNC worked. The rim is perfect for tubeless tyres: it is free of holes, spokes being fixed to the rims thanks to nipples parallel to the wheel axis. Tubeless tyres are the best choice for ultimate safety and extraordinary performances.
This is because Kineo wheels drastically decrease the weight of unsprung masses and consequently reduce the wheels moment of inertia. Together with the shock-absorber set-up and a new distribution of the masses, this makes the bike intuitive, agile and accurate on entering curves

V-TWIN-MOTARD is available also as kit, easy to fit on your own bike, thanks to our plug-and-play

  • system
  • bodywork
  • fairing
  • windscreen
  • tail
  • saddle
  • motard handlebars with handguards
  • plate holder
  • rear led indicators
  • front fender
  • mirror set with led indicators
  • front double light
  • rack
  • “DDA Dynamic Damping Action” device (dynamical control of the shock-absorber hydraulic resistance)
  • power kit, two in two titanium muffler, front oil radiator, high efficiency air filters
  • spoke wheels for tubeless tyres

Moto Guzzi V11, 1100 Sport, Daytona, Centauro and Griso transformation kits can be mounted without any modification to the original bike. They are easy to assemble and, in case, you can return your bike to the original configuration. The kit’s components can also be sold separately; for more info, please click here.

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