Brake discs

An alternative proposal to the original brake discs: fixed or floating discs depending on the model.

Traditional design or wave.
Available for any bike model.
Color hub and nipples by choice.
Braking surface material: steel AISI 420 with heating treatment.
Hub material: Steel AISI 420 or aluminum alloy.
Nipples material: Steel or aluminum alloy with hardening treatment (depending on models).
Production steps: laser cutting, pre-grinding, hardening, electrophoresis, final grinding. Hubs CNC worked, painting or hard anodizing.
Discs can be designed on request for prototypes, vintage and racing bikes.



Some components are designed and built for track use, consequently they are not homologated for a road use; Ghezzi-Brian declines any responsibility for improper use, wrong installation or setting up made by unqualified personnel