Marvic magnesium rims

Marvic: casting technology of magnesium alloys, present in paddocks and sportbikes

MARVIC as brand was specialized in the sand gravity casting technology of magnesium alloys.

The brand MARVIC is synonymous with lightness, reliability and elegance both in motorsport both in the aftermarket

A necessary introduction: among structural metals currently on the market, magnesium is the lightest one: in fact magnesium has a density of 1,78 kg\dm3 compared for example to aluminium, which density is of 2,74 kg\dm3.

From the beginning of the motorsport’s era, the world of competitions has been inspired by aeronautic disciplines, where the lightness and reliability find they highest expression, and over time the search for materials that provide resistance and mechanical strength combined with minimum weight, has assumed an ever-growing importance, that has finally drawn the real divide between a normal transport vehicle and a sport vehicle.

As a consequence the magnesium alloys conquest of law the first place among all the metals used in the production of wheels and high-performance components.

Due to their good mechanical properties combined with low density, magnesium alloys are attractive to designers: as result, they are widely used in automotive, aerospace and defense, as well as in other engineering applications, where the weight constitutes an essential factor.

The excellent vibrational absorption capacity and its low inertia represent a good choice for those mechanical parts subject to frequent and sudden changes in direction of motion at high speed. For this reason, magnesium alloys are widely used for example for the construction of automatic systems for packaging, for printing and for the automation in general.

When it comes to dynamics the weight reduction, especially of unsprung mass, is an important factor to increase performances. Particularly, the use of wheels in magnesium alloys grants the reduction of the gyroscopic effect and of the moment of inertia that carries with it enormous benefits in terms of reactivity and handling.

With dedication and engagement the target to guarantee the quality of products and services is pursued,  continuously enhancing the cooperation with the customer. In the in-house laboratory, mechanical testing and non-destructive test are performed in order to control the characteristics of all the castings. They are submitted to Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection (FPI), and to radioscopic test. In addition the company has an ultrasonic tester that permits to check wall thicknesses and  an endoscope that allows checking of cavities and ducts that can not be checked by visual inspections. All other metallographic and dimensional checks, like hardness testing, dimensional tests by DEA, spectrometric and microscopic examinations, are performed by specialized partners.

For each casting is provided the creation of a test tube encoded which follows the entire production process of the batch of reference. This tube is submitted to destructive traction through a computerized system that demonstrates unquestionably the quality and mechanical properties of each product. Each casting, and each wheel have the same code of the test bar of reference: this coding system allows to ensure complete traceability of the product and of its quality testing.
In order to ensure that each casting and each wheel produced meet the rigorous requirements of customers and market, this non-destructive test is effected, thanks to which it is possible to trace any defects in the metal. Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection (FPI) is an examination which affects every single casting before machining phase and which allows to evaluate the quality of the casting without uncertainty.

Even in this case every single piece that comes out of the production chain is subjected to a radiographic examination able to detect any defects in production.

Thanks to a modern and effective equipment  the real-time view of the casting is possible, as well as the variation of the radiation quality to suit the complex geometries and finally also the recording of the various views. This non destructive testing unit allows to obtain timely information useful for the production for the optimization of the production process with evident and significant advantages in terms of quality and costs.

  • Full traceability of product processes of all stages of production
  • Traceability of the product
  • Documented checks of the product
  • X-ray and dye penetrant tests
  • Mechanical properties testing
  • Metallographic controls
  • Monitoring of all processes
  • Simulation of piece with 3D CAD programs

  • GOLD
  • RED

Optional colours are available with an additional charge


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