Dr. John’s Guzzi 8V Tribute

The comeback of a myth:
Ghezzi-Brian offers a kit to give new life to the glorious Daytona, a bike all Guzzi fans learnt to love. Create a modern sportbike, dedicated to Dr. John.
Find out why.

The Daytona model symbolised the return of Moto Guzzi to the world of competitions, after an interruption of many years. This come-back was made possible thanks to the passion and genius of the famous “Dr. John”.

His creation is to this day one of the most successful racing bikes born within the glorious tradition of Moto Guzzi. The original piece is on show in the Moto Guzzi museum in Mandello, but there is hardly any workshop in which you couldn’t find its picture.

In case somebody didn’t remember, John Wittner was a passionate American dentist who developed and raced successfully with a prototype from which the Daytona road version was later derived. His intuitions remained an inspiration for enthusiasts and customizers of Moto Guzzi.

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Motard V-Twin is a bike designed for fun, whether you are alone or with a passenger.
Ride it and nothing will ever be the same again...
My word.

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Motard V-twin is a bike sporting innovative design and cutting-edge technology, from which the bike derives its great performances and riding pleasure. The �motard� set-up makes it all more fun!

Motard V-Twin proudly shows all its cards, but hides one, the most important and innovative. The bike is equipped with DDA - Dynamic Damping Action -, the first truly dynamic system of mono-shock-absorber hydraulic adjustment.

This system adjusts the shock-absorber response to road conditions automatically and in real-time. Each shock is processed according to oscillation position, speed and intensity and in line with the riding style and the load previously set up by the rider.

The shock absorber is able to change its status in only few milliseconds. The rider won�t even notice, since variation in the shock-absorber rigidity occur too quickly to be perceived.

What the rider does perceive is a feeling of great security, comfort and riding pleasure, thanks to the perfect response to shocks in all situations and road condition.

Motard V-Twin is equipped with Kineo spoked wheels, the ideal technological complement in terms of aesthetics, exclusivity, riding feeling and safety.

These forged aluminium wheels are CNC worked. The rim is perfect for tubeless tyres: it is free of holes, spokes being fixed to it through nipples parallel to the wheel axis. Thanks to their lightness and mechanical features, these rims with tubeless tyres are the best choice for ultimate safety and extraordinary performances.

Motard V-Twin is also available as a ready-to-install kit for Moto Guzzi Griso, whose technical base it shares. The kit introduces both aesthetic and technical parts.


Also suitable for single swingarm, chain-driven bikes.   Sand-gravity casting or forging.

titanium, carbon fibre, aluminium mufflers.   Shock absorbers, steering dampers, cartridge kits.
with integrated road and track functions.

  Fairings, lights, belly pans, carbon fibre parts.
  Swing arms, steering triple plates, footrests, tanks.

Spokes wheels, magnesium and aluminium rims, exhaust systems, suspensions, digital dashboards and tuning parts are available for bikes manufactured by the following brands



- kit Sport Monza:
complete fairing;
aluminium tank with pump;
front and rear subframe;
front lights;
fibre-glass belly pan

- digital dashboard
- aluminium swivel-arm
- superbike racing MUPO fork
- superbike racing MUPO monoshock
- radial racing BREMBO front calipers
- titanium exhaust
- exhaust holders
- special design aluminium forged rims
- aluminium push-rod
- high performance air filters
- plate holder
- “short” carbon fibre rear mudguard
- G-B front mudguard
- carbon fibre mirrors
- semi handlebars .


Ghezzi Brian, a brand well-known for its innovative creations based on Moto Guzzi models, presents today some absolute hot news, as a response to the many requests of Moto Guzzi owners.

With the new Furia Replica Ghezzi-Brian gives the chance to turn the well-loved Moto Guzzi V11 into a real sport-naked.

The Ghezzi-brian engineers have completely restyled the look of Model V11 and nothing has been left out in terms of engine and mechanics. The result is a powerful, handsome bike with outstanding performances.

On request, the kit is also available for Model 1100 Sport and Daytona.

That�?s how Model V11 turns into a true street-fighter:

The standard aesthetic kit includes:
- body and front fairing;
- seat;
- lights;
- Aluminium gasoline tank and pump;
- Belly pan;
- Digital instruments (optional).

Various options available.
- ¯ 43mm front forks;
- Mupo AB1 monoshock-absorber;
- Braking system with Brembo radial calipers;
- Forged aluminium rims;
- Aluminium push rod with uniball;
- Adjustable foot-rests.

The upgrades allow to reach up to108 hp
- High-compression forged pistons;
- Longer piston-rods;
- Camshaft;
- Dedicated electronic fuel injection;
- Twin-spark ignition;
- Titanium exhaust system.

Your V11 can be modified gradually, starting with the aesthetic kit which can be easily installed by the owner himself.

It is then possibile to further improve the bike with our mechanical components: you can either install them on your own or let Ghezzi-Brian take care of your bike and give it performances you would never have dreamt of.

The brand which brought Moto Guzzi back to victory is now out with a new restyling of a glorious model, whose aggressive, powerful look takes after another masterpiece of Ghezzi-Brian�?s, Furia.

Dear friends,
we are proud to present a new aesthetic kit for Moto Guzzi V11. The kit turns this bike into a real naked, lighty and agile, with aggressive design and a unique personality: a real street-fighter with a handsome look and outstanding performances.
A truly enjoyable bike, both alone and when carrying a passenger. It can give great feelings, with the right torque to take you out of any bend, but it is also confortable to ride in town or cruise. And, most of all, it is an exclusive bike, for few privileged only. Let its charme seduce you as you ride, on the road, and listen to the mighty throb of its �?Big Twin�?.

Ghezzi Brian, a brand well-know to for its innovative creations in sporting and aesthetics on Moto Guzzi motors, presents today some absolute hot news, as a response to the many requests of Moto Guzzi owners.

With the new SPORT MONZA 1000 Ghezzi-Brian gives the chance to turn a well-loved Moto Guzzi bike, the V11, into a true Superbike.

The Ghezzi-Brian engineers have completely redesigned the Model V11 look and the result is a modern, aggressive-looking bike. And, since we are talking about Ghezzi-Brian, nothing has been left out to give it outstanding, uncompromising performance thanks to engine and chassis modifications.
The V11 will finally be and look like a true superbike, filling in a traditional gap in the Moto Guzzi products list.

Kits to turn Daytona and 1100 Sport models are available on demand.

The fixed aesthetic kit includes:
- Body and front fairing
- Front/rear frames
- Seat
- Lights
- Aluminium gasoline tank and pump
- Belly pan
- Digital dashboard (optional)

Various options available.
- Paioli fork ¿ 41
- Mupo fork ¿ 43 or 46
- Mupo monoshock-absorber
- Braking system with Brembo radial calipers
- Stearing plates with setting trail
- Forged aluminium or magnesium rims
- Aluminium swivel arm
- Aluminium push rod with uniball

The upgrades allow to reach up to108 hp
- High compression forged pistons
- Special connecting rod
- Camshaft
- Fuel electronic injection module
- Exhaust system

Our customers can modify their V11 gradually, starting with the aesthetic kit which can be easily assembled by the owner himself and does not require any modifications to the bike. They can then move further on with the mechanical components, either assembling them on their own, or letting Ghezzi-Brian take care of their bike and give it performance they would have never dared to dream of.

Thus revives the glorious V11, now an up-to-date masterpiece to be the pride of his owner. It represents the latest step on the long and widely admired path of Ghezzi-Brian, sporting soul of Moto Guzzi and author of bikes with ever outstanding performances.

A short list of such creations includes the MSG-01, designed and developed by Ghezzi-Brian on behalf of Moto Guzzi and even now absolute leader of the tracks with the Guareschi Team, the Supertwin 1100 designed for the Bott and Supertwin specialties, and finally the Pro-Thunder , winner of many races in the American championships .

For further please contact: b.saturno@promo.it
To call directly "Brian" : (++ 39) 3483109784

Ghezzi Brian has completely redesigned the model V11 look and the result is a modern, aggressive-looking bike.
And, since we are talking about Ghezzi-Brian, nothing has been left out to give it outstanding, uncompromising performance by means of engine and chassis modification.

Kits to turn Daytona and 1100 Sport models are available on demand.
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